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Hotel Needs India (HNI) offers a wide variety of HORECA products to choose from. Get your perfect product to match your personal style and indulge in luxury with HNI collection.

Elevate your dining experience with HOTEL NEEDS INDIA. We are the leading manufacturer & exporters for the hospitality industry. Our product ranges comes in Stainless Steel Tableware, Copper Tableware, Buffetware, Flatware, Barware and Hotelware, We bring you the perfect blend of style and functionality. Finely polished HNI products add a touch of sophistication to any table setting. We can customize anything in metal that relates to (FnB) segment HoReCa.

Hotel Needs India (HNI Industries) the front-runners and best brands in the hospitality industry. As a prominent producer and exporter of lifestyle and HORECA products, HNI offers a wide range in Tableware and Buffetware product with different metal finishes like Gold PVD , rose gold PVD,black titanium PVD, Antiques finish and many more.

HNI Product range includes:

Tableware, Flatware, Cutlery, Barware, Houseware, Kitchenware, Beverage Dispensers, Crockery, Glassware, Buffetware, Chafing Dish, Trolley & Bins, Commercial Cooking Pots and Pans.

HNI has been a major force in the hospitality business for more than 20 years, and it has over 50 years of manufacturing experience.

HNI has a presence in over 40 countries worldwide. HNI distinguishes itself from the competition with its unmatched quality, reassuring clients with strong promises and prompt delivery. Every single product made by HNI satisfies the demands of the hospitality business in terms of style and trendiness, all while maintaining a high level of use and originality.

HNI guarantees that its products can be fully customized to meet the needs of its clients.


Our vision at Hotel Needs India is to use the best material to develop trendy in line HORECA products that are accessible to billions of consumers worldwide at reasonable pricing.


Our mission is to become the go-to global brand for dining and hospitality solutions, to be  recognized for the creativity and innovative design which is long-lasting, beautiful  and reliable and can transform the dining experience in everyday luxury.
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